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Today, access to the Calanques is only possible by boat


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Calanques of Cassis



Whether you are on holidays or resident in Cassis area, LocBateau is the perfect way to discover and explore this beautiful Mediterranean coastline, from Carro à St-Cyr-sur-Mer to the bay of Marseille and the islands of Frioul, exploring the Calanques along the way.

LocBateau provides either semi-rigid (RIB - inflatable boats) or rigid open boats from the following ports :

    • Cassis
    • La Ciotat
    • Marseille Pointe Rouge
    • Vieux Port de Marseille
    • Marseille l'Estaque
    • Carry le Rouet
    • Sausset les Pins
    • St Cyr-sur-Mer
    • Carro / Martigues

If you want to enjoy some water sports along the way we also have wake boards and inflatable buoys for hire to add to your enjoyment.

All our boats are equipped with awnings to provide shade from the sun.

LocBateau uses new and very recent boats with powerful and fuel efficient engines.

We offer full or half-day hire, mornings or afternoons, giving you the perfect chance to celebrate special occasions, enjoy picnics or aperitifs at sea, watch the sunset or just to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

In this idyllic location you can swim in the turquoise waters, dive from the cliffs of the Calanques of Cassis and wonder at the numerous species of fish and, if you're lucky, catch a glimpse of dolphins or moon fish.

Most of our boats are authorised to navigate in the Calanques National Park.



Boats for Hire Without Licence

You can hire a boat for touring the Calanques even if you don't have a licence.

With a capacity of up to 8 people these boats are easy to handle and are the ideal way to visit the Calanques.

The boats are equipped with a sun awning and an anchor, allowing you to stop and swim in the turquoise waters.

Available for full, half-day or hourly rental.

Boats for Hire Requiring License

If you have a boating licence we have a wide range of boats that allow you to explore along the Calanques of Cassis and reach Marseille, the Côte Bleue and the bay of la Ciotat.

Boats have a capacity of between 8 – 11 people and are equipped with sun awnings.

Available for full or half-day hire (mornings or afternoons).

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Visitez la Calanque d'En-Vau avec la location d'un bateau à moteur chez LocBateau Cassis

LocBateau, true to its reputation, will be able to advise you on the most beautiful places.

The landscapes of the Calanques are simply sumptuous with its rocks falling into a turquoise sea.

Thanks to LocBateau, you can admire the crystal clear waters of the Calanque d'En-Vau (opposite).

The Calanque de Sugiton is the closest to the Luminy district. It breaks down into two small creeks.

Thanks to your boat rented from LocBateau, you will be able to discover the island of the torpedo boat, a name inspired by its shape of a military ship. In Sugiton, you can dive from the rocks to heights of over 10 meters.

This place is also popular with divers because the water is particularly clear and turquoise. Right next to it, you can go through the Calanque des Pierres Tombées as well as the Calanque de l'Oeil de Verre.


The Calanques National Park stretches from Marseille to Cassis. The wildlife there is impressive and rich. If you dive, you can discover many species of fish and underwater plants. You can find more than 140 protected animal and plant species in the Calanques National Park. Renting a boat with LocBateau will allow you to avoid long hours of walking to access the most beautiful Calanques.

The Calanque d'En-Vau is certainly one of the most beautiful but also the most remote. Getting to En-Vau by sea with a boat is just magical. The Calanque is very steep with vertiginous cliffs. The water is turquoise and there are many fish. Thanks to the boat rented from LocBateau, you will avoid the rush of the small pebble beach at the bottom of the Calanque and will remain quietly in VIP mode on your boat.


Vous pouvez louer un bateau sans permis chez LocBateau Cassis pour aller visiter la Calanque de Port-Pin

The Calanque de Port-Pin (above) is certainly one of the most beautiful Calanques in Cassis. Wild and still preserved, it is surrounded by Aleppo pines. The water there is turquoise. At the bottom of the creek is a superb white sand beach.

The Calanque of Sormiou is undoubtedly the best known and the most frequented by the people of Marseille. LocBateau recommends the part to your right as you enter the Calanque. Anchoring is prohibited except on dead bodies present everywhere.

Balade en mer dans la Calanque de Sormiou à bord d'un bateau de location de LocBateau Cassis

The Calanque of Port-Miou is a long Calanque all in a row. It is above all a port located just next to Cassis, the port of Cassis being very limited in places. You can see the blower's hole there, whose name comes from the strange sounds that can be heard at the top of the rock. Indeed, this cavity, which opens out through a small hole at its summit, originates under the sea which, under the phenomenon of the waves, compresses the air. The ocher cliffs contrast with the white color of the limestone of the peninsula.

At this place, you can see a lot of fish that come to feed in the Posidonia seagrass. You will also be able to appreciate the tiny port where the cabanonniers bathe. It is also at the entrance to Sormiou that the prehistoric Cosquer cave is located. Outside the tourist season, LocBateau recommends the left side of the Calanque of Sormiou and its white sand bottoms. A small beach of fine sand will welcome you.

Finally, don't forget to stop at the port of Cassis to visit the town, the port and the market so typical of our region. The stop at the port of Cassis is regulated, do not hesitate to inquire at the harbor master's office.


A bord d'un bateau de location LocBateau Cassis vous pourrez voir les dauphins de méditerranée


Dolphins can sometimes be observed in the bay of Marseille or in the Calanques. You have to get up early to see them but the show is worth it.

The best way to observe them is to rent an inflatable boat (RIB) from LocBateau and approach them far from the crowds of tourists.



A visit to the harbor of Marseille is also worth doing by boat. From the sea, on your boat rented from LocBateau, you will be able to see the beautiful city of Marseille and its atypical constructions from a new angle : The velodrome stadium, les Goudes, the Baie des singes and the Frioul islands. A visit to the Château d'If by sea is also a must to experience the adventures of the Count of Montécristo.

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